Building a unique template solution in Microsoft Word

For businesses that send out multiple and often complex documents every day across multiple teams, keeping the manual processes to a minimum is almost impossible.


How do you build a solution that enables both uniformity and creative freedom?

WSP, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, faced exactly this challenge.

They needed templates that would be flexible, intuitive and on-brand. After explaining our unrivalled expertise in creating bespoke solutions across applications like Word and PowerPoint, WSP selected us as the natural choice to meet their needs head on.

A one-of-a-kind custom Word ribbon

To help bring everything together in a consistently professional look and feel, we designed a sleek set of templates and created a new and innovative Word ribbon, unique to WSP.

When a staff member is in Microsoft Word, they can simply select a template type (e.g. Bid, CV, Case study), which is pre-populated in a couple of clicks with the right design, formatting and corporate information.

They can then use the bespoke Word ribbon tab in the top navigation to tailor their document as much or as little as they like. All the on-brand fonts, styles, colours and more can be found easily in this tab, helping to maintain consistency across the company.

Taking the user experience to another level

Beyond the standard styling customisation options you might expect in a Word ribbon, we suggested ways to further enhance the user experience, such as building a content library.

The easy-to-use tool mimics WSP’s internal file structure and allows users to import and export content easily. We also incorporated multiple features such as our unique Article Ten product, ‘IntelliPaste’, which allows users to smart paste content that then mirrors WSP’s branding.

A consistent and cost-effective solution

The unique template solution enabled WSP to champion consistency across the company and drastically reduce manual processes to save time and money.

“Article Ten has quite simply revolutionised our templates. It’s hard to put a number on how much these templates are saving us, but it’s significant.”

– Sarah Taylor, Solutions Consultant at WSP