Taking a charity’s annual report to new creative heights

Save the Children International wanted to create an annual report campaign that would not just inform but energise all those who read it.


How do you bring new life to an old format?

The charity had a vision for how they wanted to illustrate the important work they do – an especially difficult challenge in light of recent negative press around the charity sector.

After several successful projects with Article Ten in recent years, they looked to us to help them bring their incredible story to life.

A powerful concept that could scale

We knew we wanted to do something impactful with this project, but before we could run with it, we needed a concept to tie it all together.

Close collaboration with the Save the Children team, intense research and multiple brainstorms later, we knew we had it: The Smaller Picture.

The concept, which highlights the focus on the individual children and charity staff (instead of simply the ‘bigger picture’ information), would go on to inform and permeate every element of the campaign, from design to wording to tone.

Telling a cohesive story across multiple layers

To tell the story of The Smaller Picture in the most compelling way, we developed a patchwork approach, interviewing Save the Children staff from across the world and collecting captivating stories to go far beyond a simple PDF deliverable.

“It really feels like a partnership between us and Article Ten, sitting down with the designers, writers and wider team discussing how it should look together.”

– Charlotte Green, Head of Organisational Communications at Save the Children International

Our strategy incorporated three core elements: a visually stunning annual report design, an introductory teaser video to the campaign as a whole and a beautiful website to explore the individual stories further.

All three parts were built to connect and speak to each other, while also standing alone in their own right as powerful pieces of content.

A compelling solution that pushed the brief to another level

By immersing ourselves in Save the Children’s work, getting to know their staff around the world and working with the team in a collaborative partnership; we took the idea of a conventional annual report and propelled it to new creative heights.

The Smaller Picture is a campaign that Save the Children can champion for years to come and a cause that can help shine a light on the people and stories that really matter.