Pushing the boundaries of PowerPoint

Flexing our presentations muscle with a PowerPoint that’s as simple to use as it was challenging to make.


Precor, one of the world’s largest commercial gym equipment suppliers, wanted a slick and intuitive way for their salespeople to promote their products to potential customers.

We’d created an interactive sales catalogue for them in 2017, and this time the brief was even more ambitious. It had to be able to demonstrate the breadth of Precor’s range and the variety of ways it can be personalised, while still being easy to use.

Putting the Presentations Team through their paces

When Article Ten started, back in 2004, our main focus was on presentations, and they’ve remained integral to our business ever since. With a dedicated team of Presentations designers, we produce sophisticated and beautiful presentations that are closer to an editable, interactive video than a traditional PowerPoint deck.

Precor’s sales deck is a perfect example of just how versatile PowerPoint can be. Finding a way to showcase every variation of every product – all with a selection of colourways and optional accessories – while still remaining easy to use, was a mammoth task, but our Presentations team rose to the challenge.

An exercise in simplicity

Our final presentation spans 140 slides, with menus, submenus, hyperlinks and click-throughs. Rather than taking customers through a linear presentation of hundreds of products, Precor’s sales team can quickly and easily jump to relevant products.

Now customers can weigh up the benefits of cardio or strength equipment, or compare the benefits of particular ranges with just a few clicks – meaning the sales process is smoother and simpler for everyone.

“Thank you so much for all your great work. Our new deck makes it so easy for us to show off our range, and always impresses customers.”

– Sam, UK Marketing Manager at Precor