Speaking to Microsoft’s customers, through their customers

Communicating with potential customers in a friendly and relatable way is always a challenge for a company as big as Microsoft. Fortunately for them, that’s one of our specialities.


Microsoft Western Europe’s Voice of the Customer campaign aims to cut through any jargon and bring people, rather than software, to the fore; inspiring its audiences with all the opportunities Microsoft’s technology can offer.

Strong partnerships produce stronger results

After almost a decade working with Microsoft, we know the technology giant inside out, which makes collaboration easy. Over the years we’ve produced every kind of deliverable, from building creative campaigns and educational tools, to writing white papers, producing recruitment videos and designing presentations.

These wide-ranging, integrated services combined with our consistently fast turnaround times to make us Microsoft’s obvious choice for their Voice of the Customer campaign.

Bringing businesses’ stories to life

The campaign idea is simple: we interview some of Microsoft’s customers on the way they transformed their business through Microsoft technology. We then write up the story, using our editorial expertise and thorough knowledge of the brand to create a personal narrative that speaks for the customer and appeals to the reader.

The execution itself, however, is intensely complex. We have to liaise with multiple markets, vendors and stakeholders across 12 countries, and ensure the content is relevant and translatable into several different languages.

The customers come from a huge range of sectors, from the NFL’s players’ association, to medical technology, to the world’s largest dredging fleet. Each one gets its own full-length story, plus additional promotional content, including social media posts, a launch email and sometimes an infographic as well – all written and designed by Article Ten.

Making Microsoft accessible to anyone

The assets we create are shared throughout Microsoft, to enable sellers and marketing teams to communicate just how transformative these products can be.

We also give training sessions to sellers, using our unique knowledge to help local teams to make the best use of the Voice of the Customer platform.

“Super excited to let you know that two of our case studies were shared in our global newsletter. Thanks so much to all those who worked on these cases, for taking ownership of the programme.”

– Marie-Claire, Microsoft

A campaign that goes from strength to strength

As the campaign continues, our stories are increasingly promoted across Microsoft’s global communications. And as our working relationship strengthens further, we’re hoping that even more customers’ voices will be heard across within Microsoft and beyond.

“Another great customer story from Article Ten! Thank you for getting this all done so quickly, delivering every element right on time.” – Gema, Microsoft