Launching Finlandia’s new bottle design with seamless style

A new bottle launch typically has lots of moving parts to get right, so we were there from start to finish to make sure it all went off without a hitch.


How do you bring fresh excitement to a heritage brand story?

This was the challenge that the Brown-Forman team put to us, shortly after we began working with them. Finlandia, one of their key brands, was releasing a new bottle design and they wanted a way to get the word out in the most compelling and strategic way possible.

It was crucial that the release of the new design happened in deliberate and flawless stages, to fully communicate its authenticity to all target audiences – from key stockists to the general public. Our ability to expertly handle intricate projects, as well as our first-rate digital design and development that we apply to our digital products, made us the perfect agency to accomplish Brown-Forman’s goals.

A beautiful microsite at the centre

To bring all the various elements of the project to life, we created a visually powerful microsite that integrated with Finlandia’s back-end systems.

“Thank you for your hard work across this intricate project. You’ve helped us absolutely nail our target audiences and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Ksenya Matveyko, Global Brand Manager at Finlandia Vodka

The fully responsive and compliant site ensured all users could access the content – including a timeline of launch milestones, an integrated asset library and a rebrand FAQ section – regardless of location.

Site visitors were initially met with a headline video that set the scene and inventively emphasised Finlandia’s new brand.

Innovative 3D bottle spin functionality

To highlight the new bottle in a distinctive way, we built a 3D model with interactive hotspots, giving an intimate, 360-degree view of the unique design. This involved painstakingly photographing the bottle at one-degree intervals and then digitally stitching it all together.

The hotspots drew attention to the finer details of the new bottle design and reinforced key messaging points, such as logo changes and the bottle top colour palette.

A well-considered strategy

Finlandia has multiple stakeholders, so we needed to stagger the campaign and reach every audience intelligently. As an example, we wrote launch press releases uniquely tailored to five different audiences.

A solution that champions the end user

While the campaign was complex and needed meticulous planning, we provided a solution that kept everything simple for the end user. The result? One sophisticated microsite that illustrated Finlandia’s story with style, as well as one extremely happy client.