Building a creative partnership that stands the test of time

200+ projects, 29+ countries, across 10+ years and counting. It all comes down to one remarkable relationship.


How do you develop a successful partnership that endures?

It’s a complex challenge, but with our impressively agile and creative capabilities across branding, live experiences and more – we were well-placed to meet their ambition.

The European Training Foundation (ETF) was established 25 years ago to help nurture citizens across its partner countries through training and vocational development.

We joined their journey when the organisation’s mission was just gaining momentum and, together, we’ve been unstoppable ever since.

Spatial branding, data visualisation, TV adverts – you name it, we’ve done it

It would be impossible to condense the ETF projects we’ve worked on over the years. Covering internal comms, publishing, events, advertising, eLearning, websites, video, branding, print – the list is long. But large quantity doesn’t mean diminished quality.

We’ve developed multiple project identities, such as the 20th anniversary of ETF where we illustrated ETF’s incredible evolution through publications, websites, presentations and more, culminating in a historic event at The National Museum of Cinema.

We looked to video as the best channel to bring to life the organisation influence, using a humble pen as the catalyst for creative storytelling.

We’ve designed countless spaces and events for ETF, including branding their central office in Turin to create an environment every employee could enjoy working in.

The Torino Process is a biennial conference where ETF partner countries analyse their progress in the fields of vocational education and training. It’s a complicated process, but we hosted collaborative workshops to distil the data, then translating it into a conference concept, sophisticated website, visual language and more.

A proactive as well as reactive approach

It’s not just about the work we’ve produced for ETF, it’s also the way in which we work.

Working across so many countries, we’ve become fluent in the nuance of each culture and audience.

We pride ourselves on being responsive and flexible to every client brief, also making sure we bring new ideas to the table regularly to drive the ETF story forward.

A relationship to stand the test of time

If the next ten years are anything like the last, we can’t wait to see where this partnership will take us in future.