Putting Aarhus on the map

When Denmark’s second city was nominated as European Capital of Culture in 2017, Article Ten was challenged with making it a year to remember.


We had a working relationship with the Head of Communications at Aarhus that stretched back for over 15 years. He knew us as a fast-thinking, agile agency, and wanted our help in bringing the City of Culture Campaign to life.

With a history of creating visually engaging live experiences which connect to their audiences, we were able to help Aarhus with almost every element of their campaign. Together, we embarked on a two-year project that would transform the city into an unmissable cultural experience.

How do you rebrand an entire city?

We spent 2016 stirring up excitement in the city; through a huge press launch, print and digital adverts of all kinds and a clock in the city centre counting down to 2017.

Things didn’t slow down once the year had started, with every day throwing up a new challenge. From writing taglines and titles, to creating animations, idents, and even an enormous, book-shaped digital screen, it was a collaborative project that required input from the entire agency.

As well as posters, press ads and brochures, we rebranded the walls of the Aarhus airport, decorated a cycle boat that carried the Queen of Denmark to the opening ceremony, built a glass information booth and much more.

As 2017 drew to a close, Aarhus wanted take the opportunity to establish Central Denmark as a globally recognised centre of culture, so we created an identity for a ‘European Region of Culture’, in rainbow colours and with lines to represent each of its 19 municipalities.

Creating a lasting legacy

With a 15% increase in tourists and over 200 articles about the city published that year, Aarhus’s stint as European Capital of Culture was a huge success.

Article Ten’s own legacy is still very much felt within the city. Our posters hang in the Danish Poster Museum, and our logos can still be seen on the streets. Our creative input helped put Aarhus on the map and establish it as a cultural heavyweight for years to come.

“I would never have been able to complete this job without a great team and excellent partners. I will, in particular, thank you and your team for your creative high-quality, international designs and products, always delivered on time.”

– Bent Sørensen, Head of Communication at Aarhus